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Motor Finance Companies Hemorrhaging At Their Own will

Motor Finance Companies Hemorrhaging At Their Own will

In the last 18 months PND International have found an increasing amount of financial companies, are reluctant in recovering vehicles due to their lack luster attitude and their quote "we will conduct our own investigations".

The fact is without industry professionals like PND International with more knowledge and indeed having actual physical experience in the field, these robots whom are sat in an office with no acknowledgement or interest other than i'm here in front of my computer and can conduct investigations from here. Then say you are a 3rd party and due to the DPA (not actually saying due to the Data Protection Act 1998) we are unable to converse any further with you in regards to this case and thank you for your efforts and the information you have provided them, however they will only contact you if needed. If they were to actually take the time and look up your credentials and find out that you are ICO (Information commissioners Office) registered as a Data Controller, then not only would the DOLT whom you have conversed with understand that you are actually allowed to receive such personal details and that your a professional body trying to help them recover serious amounts of monies.

Upon informing them that if you had not been professional and out of professional etiquette, that they have no Idea that their vehicle had been taken out of the country (2500 miles away in the middle of the Atlantic to be exact) and that you have proof its potentially up for sale whilst on finance or being processed for change of registration in a foreign country. That you have factual evidence of this happening, that you are trying to help them and to give them vital information about the vehicle before it is too late. Where upon the policy holders are fully aware that the finance companies will never be able to trace the vehicle in question.

So the question I ask is   

"Do the Finance companies really bother to undertake their full duties in recovering  deliberately removed or stolen vehicles, that are taken from the uk without consent"

After being in the industry for many years and indeed being unique, in the way that PND International are the only company based in the Canary Islands that are able to help such companies where others are unable too. It has become so frustrating that any organisations/companies can and do operate in such a manner. PND International can register 19 cars in the last 18 months where the finance companies have not reacted and taken your factual evidence, therefore these vehicle remain at large or indeed have been registered as local vehicles where there will never be a case to recover them. Which basically equates to around £380,000 pounds of finance lost. So my actual point is the finance companies are not the losers here, it is the underwriters whom take the loss even without knowing that the finance companies have just pushed the efforts of another to one side so that their work is made easier. Insurance companies act in the same way, as they are only the face of your insurance and a professional sales assistant, operating for the actual financier whom holds all the financial costs.

 "are they are so stupid and incoherent after you have informed them that you are a private investigation company whom is trying to help, that they will not in their professional (term used lightly) minds realise that you just might not of picked their number out of the yellow pages to have a gossip about Mr Smith (no reference to an actual name) has taken the CLS AMG for a 5 year holiday without telling you"

If there are any documentary companies interested in finding out the actual scale of this industry problem and PND's ongoing experiences, then please feel free to contact us where upon we will be happy to converse with you.

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