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Information is not always free

Last week I was given some interesting information from a very reliable and trustworthy contact, with details of a wanted criminal. Not only is the information I received 100% correct, this has been verified by a fellow Investigator. So following the correct procedures to inform the correct constabulary, which I have done on many other occasions. There is of course rewards for information given, once the subject has been re-arrested and charged. Lets face facts this is all part of being an Investigator and that is how we earn part of our money.

However upon informing the correct constabulary about me having such information, I was told that I would have to wait for call from the correct team leading the enquiry. This is not uncommon with the police, so I waited for that return call. It is now over a week since I contacted the relevant constabulary, with regards to a wanted criminal and that I have information on the whereabouts of the subject. 

I feel that the recent cut backs in finances which are given to the police force and other authorities, is helping certain criminals to freely abscond. There also seems to be a lack of zeal in the authorities actions, to actually want to catch a known criminal and take them of the streets for everyone's safety. 

I feel that the general public are being let down by these authorities, because the people in power think that our money is better spent elsewhere. Our police force now have to follow many PC friendly attitudes and orders, from people whom have never spent a day on the beat. What ever happened to the hard faced bobby that was feared and actually appreciated, by both criminals and the public and actually kept our streets calm by using both their knowledge and experiences.

The general public are now seen as a free information gathering tool, which can have a dramatic influence to certain cases. Especially when some of the information has not been professionally cross checked and indeed looked into, but taken as a genuine statement by a true witness. 

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whois on 12 November 2015 14:47
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drury on 29 November 2015 08:14
I believe you’ve created several really intriguing factors. Manufactured persons could in fact picture this how you simply did. My business is truly amazed that there's so much specifics of this particular issue that were revealed and also you achieved it so properly, with so much school. Appreciate it.
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Stock Tips Today on 30 January 2016 10:51
Last week I was given some interesting information from a very reliable and trustworthy contact, with details of a wanted criminal.....You have really helped several of individuals like me, who have been searching internet from past quite a long time to find detailed information on this particular topic. Thanks a ton......
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Information is not always free.
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