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Has there been a theft or burglary at your home or business and you do not know what to do about it? You have notified the police but are not sure if and how soon you will hear back from them? Don’t panic, because you still have many options to help you out. Hiring private Investigator is one such move.
Private Investigators are an effective service to seek while trying to solve theft or burglary crimes, below are a few reasons why hiring PND can help you.

PND are specifically trained in the field of crime investigation and are well versed with techniques required to track down criminals. We have a lot of experience in providing investigative services, and have the knowledge, resources and manpower required to crack a theft case.

PND have been around the block quite a bit. So, naturally, we have picked up some contacts along the way. Talking to people and getting favours done is a very important part of solving crimes and it takes a lot of skill to get this done. PND will know what information to extract and where to extract it to get the job done.

Our Knowledge of Trading Standards and Product counterfeiting, includes works across both the public and private sector. Helping organisations and private clients protect their businesses interests, which means providing you with that help you need. Offering advice on counterfeit goods, scams, illegal money lending, under age sales. Also advice on regulatory compliance, whilst being able to investigate and provide evidence to prosecute where necessary.

Theft of company property or confidential company information, by dishonest employees could cause untold damage to your business.
We have been investigating employee theft for years and our experience and expertise enables us to quickly identify how your employees are stealing stock, confidential material etc.. which employees are involved in and how to prevent any further losses. PND have successfully recovered thousands of pounds worth of stock and have assisted in the dismissal and prosecution of dishonest employees. We gather evidence in a professional manner and our knowledge of employment law ensures that the covert methods used to investigate the theft always remain proportionate to the extent of your loss. This ensures that evidence can be fully utilised in disciplinary hearings, civil court actions or criminal prosecutions.