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International Vehicle Recovery.

We are established and offer a unique recovery service, for several major UK based vehicle finance companies. Our services include arranging settlement payment offers between the creditor and debtor, arranging for the vehicle to be recovered and impounded until full and final settlement for the vehicle has been made.We also offer Repatriation of vehicles back the the UK, either by container shipment or the vehicle being driven back by a professional driver/s.If the creditor (finance company) wishes, the vehicle can be sold by way of an auction, here in the Canary Islands. This can save repatriation costs when the vehicles valuation is low, which then gives the creditor a greater return on their losses. 

We are currently undertaking instructions in the Canary Islands, on behalf of several vehicle finance organisations. We have over 25 years knowledge and experience with dealing with the authorities and have professional links to all 7 Islands. PND International are the only specialist recovery company operating in the Canary Islands, which can offer these services and deliver results.

PND International are ICO registered and always work within the Data Protection ACT 1998, when undertaking all services and assignments.